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Looking for Staten Island’s premier Psychiatric and Counseling Services? Look no further than Crasmere Psychiatric Services. Crasmere offers the highest quality Psychiatric and Counseling Services by implementing proven effective therapeutic approaches based on current mental health research. We understand that life will, at times, present us with various challenges; some challenges will be more difficult to face than others. A skilled Mental Health Therapist—Psychiatrist , Psychologist or Licensed Clinical Social Worker—can help identify the root of the issue, offer assistance in gaining deeper insight and can aid individuals, couples or groups in developing successful coping skills. Most of us encounter challenges at different periods of our life that are difficult to cope with. Speaking with a skilled therapist can often be beneficial and help individuals to find ways of understanding the issue, gain insight, and develop various coping skills which help them successfully adjust or improve their lives. You can expect a warm, inviting and respectful atmosphere at Crasmere; in fact, our therapists are always empathic and empowering. Staten Island residents look to us with confidence for Individual Therapy, Group Therapy, Parenting Classes, Counseling, Marriage/Couples Counseling and Psychiatric Services, knowing that they will receive services of uncompromising quality and effectiveness.

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At Crasmere, we’re comprised of a multi-specialty group of Mental Health Practitioners with a range of experience in both inpatient and outpatient programs. Thus, we are able to treat a full range of psychiatric conditions and psychological challenges including: Personality, Mood, Psychotic, Adjustment and Anxiety Disorders, Psychosomatic Illness and Attention Deficit Disorder. We specialize in Group and Family Therapy, Children and Adolescents, Mood Disorders, Generalized Anxiety Disorders, Panic Disorders as well as Attention Deficit Disorder in both children and adults. People of all ages, backgrounds, and situations seek counseling at Crasmere. Modalities of treatment include individual, couples/marital, family, and group counseling. We are passionate about helping Staten Island residents with their mental health needs. Please call us today or click on the “Make An Appointment” button to submit an appointment request to meet with one of our Staten Island psychiatrist, psychologist, or general mental health therapist. We look forward to serving you!

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