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Marina Roshal, LCSW-R
Social Work Director

Marina Roshal, LCSWMs. Roshal received her undergraduate degree in Biology and Psychology at Rutger’s University and her graduate degree in Social Work from Fordham University. Ms. Roshal works with children and adults with various psychological issues. In addition, she specializes in treating 9/11 first-responders who are certified through the Mount Sinai WTC Program. For the last 3 years Ms. Roshal has been successfully facilitating our 9/11 First-Responder PTSD Program. She also supervises our clinical staff and interns pursuing masters degree in Clinical Social Work from affiliated universities. Marina is a *EMDR certified provider.

Daniella Tozzi-Polimeni

Daniella Tozzi-PolimeniDaniella Tozzi-Polimeni received her undergraduate degree in Business Administration, Marketing and Management from the City University of NY at Brooklyn College in 2005 and then received her Master’s Degree in Social Work at the State University of NY at Stony Brook in 2008. Daniella has extensive experience working with different populations with a wide array of psychiatric conditions. Daniella has worked as a social worker doing individual and group psychotherapy with the chemically dependent and mentally ill population. In addition to Daniella’s clinical experience she has worked on Riker’s Island alongside Administrative Law Judges to assess parole violators’ substance abuse and mental health status to determine if they are ready to be released to an alternative to incarceration program. Daniella has a special interest in helping individuals overcome their interpersonal and relationship struggles because she believes in the importance of social and family support in one’s life and she is dedicated to helping people improve their emotional stability in order for them to endure life’s struggles and gain success.

Jenny Savkub

Jenny SavkubJenny Savkub is a licensed psychotherapist with over 10 years of experience in diagnosing and treating children ( 0 and up), adolescents and adults. Ms. Savkub has completed various advanced trainings in cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy, dialectical behavior therapy, trauma, loss and bereavement and early intervention. Ms. Savkub completed her Bachelor’s Degree in psychology at Hunter College and her Master’s Degree in Social Work at Adelphi University. She has been providing individual, family, group and couples counseling.

Ms. Savkub specializes in working with teenagers and young adults who suffer with mood disorders (Depression, Bipolar d/o) and anxiety/panic attacks disorders helping her patients to improve coping skills, their self-esteem and overall functioning.

Anna Teske

Anna Teske Anna received her undergraduate degree in Psychology from SUNY Albany in 2005 and then received her Masters in Counseling with a dual specialization in Clinical Mental Health and Marital, Couple, Family Counseling from Barry University in 2008.

Anna has 5+ years of clinical experience working with children, adolescents and families in diverse capacities. She has been working within the NYC child welfare system since 2011, beginning as a family therapist providing intensive evidence-based services in a home setting. Anna collaborated with families to help them discover new common ground together and building their skill set through unique and creative interventions and prevent the need for children to enter the foster care system. Most recently, she has been working with at-risk and traumatized adolescents placed in the custody of ACS in need of diagnostic evaluation and stabilization.

In addition to Anna’s clinical experience, she has also worked as a special education paraprofessional within the NYC Department of Education before entering the clinical field. This experience validated Anna’s passion of working with children, adolescents and seeing the importance of the amount of support from family.

Anna is experienced in providing individual, family and group counseling as well as crisis intervention. She is well-versed in working with LGBTQ youth and their families as well. Her expertise lies in using creative and unique techniques to help her clients achieve their goals of stress reduction, improving coping skills, communication, and self esteem.

Noel Avitabile

Noel AvitabileMs.Noel Avitabile is a dedicated therapist with over 10 years of clinical experience. She received her bachelors degree in Pre-law/Political Science from Seton Hall University (NJ) and her bachelors in Social Work from New York University (2010).

Noel has a wide variety of experience in many areas including child welfare, court cases, adoptions, custody issues, foster care, individual, family and group therapy. She is also a certified divorce and relationship mediator. In addition, she has extensive experience in trauma, anxiety, emotional issues, substance abuse, addiction and depression. She has an excellent retention rate and is very dedicated to her work. Noel is comfortable with working with all ages. She believes in a strength based approach to solving issues and conflicts.

Tiffany Garcia, LMSW

Tiffany Garcia

Tiffany Garcia received her undergraduate degree in Criminology and Dispute Resolution from John Jay College of Criminal Justice in 2014. Her interest in social justice and mental health drew her to pursue a Master’s Degree in Social Work, which she received from Loyola University in Chicago, Illinois in 2016 . Tiffany has extensive experience working with different populations with a wide array of mental health and socio-economic issues. While working with the Department of Homeless Shelters; she provided outreach services, crisis intervention, risk assessment, safety planning and pyscho-education for families. Tiffany's training and experience has prepared her to provide individual, family and group counseling as well as crisis intervention to her patients. Additionally, she is well-versed in working with LGBTQ youth and their families. Her expertise lies in using creative interventions coupled with an eclectic therapeutic treatment approach to help patients achieve their goals of stress reduction, improved coping skills, communication, and self- esteem. Tiffany is a *CBT trained provider.

Josephine Pereira, LCSW

Josephine Pereira

Ms. Josephine Pereira, LCSW is a bilingual psychiatric social worker who completed her Master’s degree at Hunter College. She graduated in 1987 and since then has dedicated her life to serving culturally diverse adults, young people and their families. She has conducted many individual, family, couple and group psychotherapy sessions in English and Spanish. As a native New Yorker, she is aware of the multiplicity of challenges that are faced by residents of the urban environment. Ms. Pereira utilizes the impact of her patients’ culture, upbringing and environment in treatment. Her treatment approach is very eclectic and realistic in working with patients. She firmly believes in their ability to partner with her as their therapist to make positive changes. Ms. Pereira is influenced by theorists who practice behavior modification and cognitive behavioral therapy. Her goal is to enhance the patient’s capacity to locate the root causes of their difficulties and empower them through their strengths to problem solve and develop positive coping strategies.

Taylor Lewensohn, LMSW

Taylor Lewensohn

Taylor Lewensohn received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology from State University of New York at Purchase college in 2014. Taylor’s involvement in community service programs throughout high school and college as well as her interest in social justice motivated Taylor to pursue a Masters degree in Social Work which she earned from Fordham University in 2016. Taylor has experience working with different populations of various socio-economic backgrounds. Taylor has clinical experience working with children, adolescents, adults and the geriatric population. During her time at SUNY Purchase, Taylor interned at a non-profit organization that assisted immigrant families with resources in the community. Taylor has over 7 years of experience working with children from ages 5 through 21 providing psychoeducation, stress and behavioral management, and individual/group counseling to improve social skills and impulse control.

Taylor also has experience working with adults and the geriatric population in both an adult day care and a skilled nursing facility providing individual and group counseling for clients as well as for their caregivers. Taylor uses her expertise in cognitive behavioral therapy with her clients. She hopes for her clients to feel empowered to achieve goals that they have create for themselves using the tools explored and discussed in their sessions.”

*EMDR = Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) is a fairly new, nontraditional type of psychotherapy. It's growing in popularity, particularly for treating post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). PTSD often occurs after experiences such as military combat, physical assault, rape, or car accidents.

*CBT = Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is a short-term, goal-oriented psychotherapy treatment that takes a hands-on, practical approach to problem-solving. Its goal is to change patterns of thinking or behavior that are behind people’s difficulties, and so change the way they feel. It is used to help treat a wide range of issues in a person’s life, from sleeping difficulties or relationship problems, to drug and alcohol abuse or anxiety and depression. CBT works by changing people’s attitudes and their behavior by focusing on the thoughts, images, beliefs and attitudes that are held (a person’s cognitive processes) and how these processes relate to the way a person behaves, as a way of dealing with emotional problems.

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